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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I eligible for a library card?
If you reside in Mt. Pleasant Township, you are eligible for a residential Yorktown Public Library card. Children are eligible for a card at age 5.
There are 3 exceptions, as the following areas have been annexed into Muncie’s district:

  • Colonial Crest
  • Red Bud Village
  • Hickory Haven

See the map below for the Mt. Pleasant Township boundaries.

If you’re still unsure, type your address into Census Bureau’s site.
If you do not live in Mt. Pleasant Township, there are still options available to you. Expand the next FAQ for more information.

How do I get a library card?
To initiate a membership, you will need to visit the library in person. If you live in the library’s taxing district, we will just need a photo ID to verify your identity and address. If your photo ID does NOT have your current address, we require a secondary piece of residence verification (i.e. a piece of mail, car registration, utility bill, etc.).
If you reside outside of the library’s taxing district, you have a few options available to you.
If you are eligible for a Muncie Public Library membership, you may receive a Reciprocal Borrowing card at no cost. At the time of sign-up, we will need to call MPL to ensure that you are a patron in good standing under their policies. This card grants all privileges of a Resident card, with the exception of initiating Interlibrary Loans. Those requests must be made through your home library.
If you do not reside in either librarys’ district, but are a student at Yorktown Public Schools, you qualify for a Student card. You must show proof of attendance (i.e. student ID, Powerschool page, etc.). Similarly, teachers are eligible for an Educator card if they do not reside in a library district and need materials for their classroom. Student and Educator cards grant all the privileges of Resident cards, with the exception of initiating Interlibrary Loans. Student/Educator card holders are not eligible for a Reciprocal Borrowing card.
If you do not reside in either librarys’ district, you may purchase a Non-resident card for an annual fee of $54.00. This fee is the amount that residents pay in taxes each year to the library. A Non-resident card grants all borrowing privileges of a Resident card.
Does my library card expire?
Yes. However, each member type may expire at different rates:
Resident Card: Expires 5 years after issue date. Must reconfirm address and contact information to renew membership.
Reciprocal Borrowing Card: Expires 1 year after issue date. Must reconfirm address and contact information to renew membership. We must also contact Muncie Public Library to ensure you are still a patron in good standing under their policies.
Non-resident Card: Expires 1 year after issue date. Must reconfirm address and contact information, as well as paying the annual fee, to renew membership.
Student & Educator Cards: Expire 1 year after issue date. Must reconfirm address, contact information, and student/educator status to renew membership.
How many items can I check out?
On an adult card (patron age 18+), you may borrow 30 total items, with a limit of 10 movies and 1 video game.*
On children/teen cards (patron ages 5-17), you may borrow 15 total items, with a limit of 5 movies and 1 video game.
*Educator card holders may exceed this limit when checking out materials for their classroom.
How long can I take an item home?
New Movies: 3 days
Movies and Video Games: 7 days
New Adult Books & T.V. Series: 14 days
Books, Kindles, CDs, Nonfiction DVDs, & Magazines: 28 days
Can I renew my items?
Generally, renewals are allowed. Exceptions to this include Interlibrary Loans and any material that has a waiting list. You may renew your items in person, over the phone, or by logging into your online account. Please note that you will only be able to renew the same item a total of two (2) times online. To renew more than that, you can call or stop in the library.
How do I return my items if the library is closed?
You may drop any material (excluding Kindles) into the drop box located outside of the North door of the library. Items returned to the drop box after closing will be checked in the following business day with no late fee assessed. No item will ever be due on a day the library is closed (i.e. Sunday, holidays, emergency closings).
Do you have eBooks?
Yes! The library offers eBooks in two different formats. You may check out a Kindle, which comes preloaded with popular titles, or you may download eBooks from our Catalog directly to your chosen device (i.e. Kindle, tablet, smartphone, web browser, etc.).
How do I check out eBooks?
To check out an eBook, you will need the bar code number from your library card (this is your username) and the phone number attached to your membership (this is your password). Downloading eBooks is easier than ever with Overdrive’s new app, Libby! View full information here.
What if the library doesn’t have what I’m looking for?
While we strive to provide a wide array of materials for our patrons, we may not always have an exact title you’re looking for. If this is the case, we have request forms located in the library for patrons to fill out. These requests are filtered to the appropriate staff member, and we will try our best to either order the item or request it from another library through an Interlibrary Loan.
Do you accept donations?
We are not currently accepting donations. We will resume when construction of the new library is complete.
Yes. However, there are certain materials that we cannot accept. These include: textbooks, magazines, and encyclopedias. After the donations are assessed, they will either be added to the collection or put into the annual book sale. Receipts for donations are available upon request.
What extra services do you provide?
The library provides free faxing and scanning services, as well as free notary service. Our public computers are free to use, even without a library membership. We can make copies for you at a rate of $0.10 per page for black and white and $0.50 per page for color. We also offer Outreach services for homebound patrons.
We also offer free one-on-one computer lessons each Friday, as well as a variety of other programming. Our programming includes, but is not limited to: Summer Reading programs for adults and children, Story Times, Teen Scene, special holiday programming, family Bingo nights, raffles, and a variety of reading-for-prizes programs for adults. Check out our calendar for current events.
Does it cost to print/make copies?
Yes. The cost for printing/making copies in black and white is $0.10 per page. The cost for printing/making copies in color is $0.50 per page.
Does it cost to fax?
No. Sending faxes is free! (This includes 1-800 numbers.) To receive a fax at the library, the cost is $0.10 per page.
Does is cost to have something notarized?
No. Our notary service is free! Patrons must present a valid photo ID to our notary.
Does it cost to have something scanned?
No. We are happy to scan things for free for our patrons. A USB drive is required for scanning. Patrons may bring their own or use the library’s USB drive on one of our public computers. We will erase the contents of the library’s USB drive when the patron is done using it.
Can I use the library’s computers if I don’t have a library card?
Yes. Simply stop by the circulation desk and ask for a guest code to log on!
Can I use my laptop/tablet?
Yes. We offer free Wi-Fi in the library. Just connect to the network, YPLGuest.
Can I print from my laptop?
Yes. We offer wireless printing at the same rate as wired printing ($0.10 per page for black and white; $0.50 per page for color). You will need to click on wireless printing on our website to use this service. You can also print from your phone by downloading the PrinterOn app. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial.

Can I have food or drink?
Snack food is permitted as long as trash is thrown away, area is kept clean and tidy, and the privilege is not abused. Beverages with lids are allowed.
Do you have Children’s Story Times?
Tiny Tots and Bookworms are on temporary hiatus while the library is under construction. They will resume when the project is complete. In the meantime, we are offering a once weekly Story Time Lite, every Wednesday at 10:30 am, beginning on January 8, 2020.
Yes. The library offers two different story times, each suited to different age groups. Tiny Tots meets Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m., and is designed for children aged birth-36 months and their caregiver. Bookworms meets Thursdays at 11:00 a.m., and is designed for children aged 3-5 years old and their caregiver. Story Times run from September through May. For more information, check out the Children’s page!

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